Much like Science, Business Studies is a mix of multiple different subjects that can be studied individually and in more depth at Leaving Certificate Level: Business Theory, Economics and Accounting. It’s worth noting that the best strategy is to cover everything and don’t rule any questions out early on, as there are some questions that come up every year (Final Accounts, Budgeting etc). Make sure you know your definitions and examples to illustrate them.

Exam Layout?
At Higher level you’ll do two papers. Paper I (2.5 hours) examines you on household and personal questions, which has twenty short answer questions (no choice) and six long questions where you do four. Paper II (2 hours) examines you from a more public position (business perspective) and has six long questions of which you must do four.

– When you are explaining something try to add an example
– Answer on your preferred topic first. This will relax you and put you ahead in the exam.
– Timing. 5 mins reading paper one, 45 minutes on the short questions and 25 minutes for each of the 4 long questions. In the second paper, 5 minutes reading the paper and then 29 minutes for each of the four long questions.
– Be proficient with you calculator
– Practice, practice and more practice

Download the Junior cert Business Studies Syllabus here
Download the Junior cert Business Studies Guidlines for teachers here
Download the Junior cert Business Studies Chief examiner’s report (2012) here