While the syllabus can be quite general in regards to what is required of students in relation to language and vocab, past papers are not. The best way to practice for your French exam is to complete past papers on all topic as the same vocabulary tends to come up in succeeding years. Ensure to keep ticking away at this subject as it cannot be crammed (especially the listening).

Exam Layout?

The Paper consists of a listening comprehension, reading comprehension and written expressions. Both the higher and ordinary level papers are two and a half hours long with the first 30 minutes being the aural section of paper. Section two is reading comprehensions where you will be given a series of notices,signs and articles that you must answer questions on. Finally, there is a written expression to complete.

– Start your study early and constantly expand you vocabulary as well as listening skills. You can always brush up on the grammar closer to the exam however the same can’t be said with vocab.
– Underline keywords in the comprehensions and you may be able to use some useful vocabulary in your written expressions. As well as this, remember that the questions are usually asked in sequential order.

Download the Junior certificate French Syllabus here
Download the Junior cert French Chief examiner’s report (2008) here