Like any Junior/Leaving Certificate subject, Junior Cert Geography aims to give students a firm grasp on the syllabus so as they can either progress into a more detailed study of it (Leaving Certificate) or use it later on in life when necessary. It’s important that you know all your material as there are a number of short questions in the exam that can catch you out if you don#’t know your stuff. Also, please ensure to make sure all your diagrams and sketch maps are clearly labelled.

The first part of the paper is 20 short questions (60 marks) covering all areas of the course. In section 2 of the paper you must do three long questions. Each long question contains A,B and C parts. The exam lasts for 2 hours so you should spend about 40 mins on the short questions and about 25 minutes on each of the long questions.

Download the Junior certificate Geography Syllabus here
Download the Junior cert Geography Chief examiner’s report (2011) here
Download the Junior cert Guidelines for Teachershere