Like Leaving Certificate Maths, the Junior Certificate Maths syllabus has undergone a number of changes after the introduction of ‘Project Maths’. If you’re doing the 2016 exam, then you will only be the third year to complete the course in its entirety (modules were added progressively to aid the change between syllabi). Its important that you understand the concepts as this is what the department of education are really trying to achieve with ‘Project Maths’. Attempt marks are given so make sure to try everything and show your workings.

Because the course is so new, there aren’t many past papers. Sample papers are provided however sample marking schemes aren’t. xEducation are working hard to do up solutions for our users.

Exam Layout and Tips?

Higher level students take two papers, each lasting two and a half hours. Ordinary level students also take two papers, each lasting two hours. Tips? Practice religiously, ensuring to cover every part of the syllabus multiple times over. Also know your way around a calculator.

Download the Junior certificate Maths syllabus for students sitting the 2016 JC here