At Junior Cert Higher Level, Science is a very big course. It covers a variety of different topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics – aiming to give the student a firm grasp on science as a whole, thus aiding with future subject choice (Science is split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics at Leaving Certificate Level).
As well as theory and a sit down exam, it is necessary that all students complete a series of mandatory laboratory experiments as well as submit a report on an investigation carried out before the actual sit down exam – worth 35% of your final result. Ensure to cover your material well and don’t waffle.

Exam Layout?
As I previously mentioned, there are laboratory experiments and a report that is worth 35% of your final grade. These should both be completed before your sit down exam.
The two hour written exam has three sections – Biology: Q1-3, Chemistry: Q4-6 and Physics: Q7-9

Download the Junior Cert Science Syllabus here
Download the Junior cert Science Chief examiner’s report (2010) here
Download the Junior cert Science Guidelines for Teachers here