Biology is quite popular among students who want ‘the easiest’ science, however there is a lot of material to cover and exams have become increasingly less predictable and abstract in the phrasing of questions to combat the idea of ‘the easy A’. The subject covers a broad range of topics in relation to Biology, aiming to give a good grounding for future study.

Definitions are extremely important and there is a lot of learning to do, however if you put in the hard work you’ll come out with a good result. Definitions account for about a quarter of the total marks and experiments, surprisingly, are worth less at about 20%. While you may think of leaving out sections because of the choice available on the day, do so with caution as difficult questions could leave you with no plan b.

You are required to keep a record of your practical work (laboratory experiments) over the duration of the course and there will be experiment questions on the written paper.

Download the leaving cert biology syllabus here
Download the leaving cert Biology Chief examiner’s report (2009) here
Download the leaving cert Biology Guidelines for Teachers here